Anne Bårdsgård


anne © merete

Collaboration with textile colleague Merete Christensen, 1996 – 2008

We have always, independently of each other, had great interest for, and work a lot with COLOR. We both have rich, but very different palettes. This has over time given us a synergy, which is one of our strongest suits. Our expertise and interest are mainly the fields of COLOR, SURFACE PATTERNS; ARCHITECTURE, AND INTERIOR DECORATION.


Sluseparken kindergarden

Lunde in Telemark 2008

Designing the exterior brick walls.
Collaboration with Merete Christensen and the National Center of Bricks.

Photo: Anne Bårdsgård and LPO arkitekter

St. Olavs hospital 1902-bygget

Trondheim 2007

Brick floor at the entrance.
Collaboration with Merete Christensen

Photo: Grethe Britt Fredriksen

Dahlske high school

Grimstad. 2005.

Painted ceiling panels.
Collaboration with Merete Christensen and Anne Aanerud.

Photo: Nico and Liv Øvland

Overlege Danielsens Hus

Department of Clinical Dentistry – University of Bergen 2005

Painted sheet wood
Collaboration with Merete Christensen

Photo: Øystein Klakegg

Garnes Elementary School

Hordaland 2004

Colored shotcrete
Collaboration with Merete Christensen

Photo: Øystein Klakegg

University of Bergen

Faculty of social sciences 2004

Linoleum mosaic
Collaboration with Merete Christensen

Photo: Øystein Klakegg


Divas, Gray Mice and Geezers

Kunstnerforbundet 2000

Geezers and Gray Mice

Galleri F15, Jeløya, 2000

Hei Grete

The work is a tribute to Grete Smedal

About the work «HEI GRETE!»

Within all artistic education lie the tension between theory and practice. The science of the color phenomena can largely be learned by reading, and treated theoretically. It is when these phenomena express themselves on surfaces, objects and spaces, that they come to life and become a tool for expression. The first time I saw «HEI GRETE!» The color elements were some organized, some still scattered across the floor in the atrium at KHIB, and I had a four stories birds eye view over the surface. Anne and Merete were crawling around in this orgy of possibilities, and ordered, organized, fixed, discussed, and reflected. I had long since noticed their curiosity for relationship and effects between colors, and their discovery of the possibilities of the geometrical patterning.

What an awesome delight to see it come to fruition! One can use many a theoretical expression to express what takes place in a surface like this, but primarily one can let themselves get captivated by all the eye can discover of variations, movements and different relations between the shapes. The link between joy of discovery, impulsive actions, reflection and great work capacity comes to its dynamical expression in the fantastistical surfaces of Anne and Merete.

Grete Smedal, Professor of color, Academy of Arts in Bergen

Norwegian Handicrafts Annual Exhibition 1997


Wall decoration in textile

Hordaland kunstnersenter 1997

Star Floor


The works of Anne and Merete has an artistic freshness and a courage that grasps the contemporary. Fearless and steady they create a modern, artistic formlanguage with content, colors and materials. The expression is ofen architectonic, as a space element and/or as a surface. It is therefore natural to bring their works into buildings – as embellishments or as an integrated part of the architecture/interior design.
Anne and Merete are turning textile arts into a relevant contemporary expression.

Randi Kalgraff, interior architect MNIL


Anne and Merete raises, with an artistic nerve, our common textile memories, and puts the in a new context. The give us the opportunity to rediscover the known. They dispel the mundanity and expose aesthetics for many of us in areas we didn’t even attribute with such qualities. That their usage of disposed materials enters important discussions of recycling and resource efficiency can hardly be seen as a negative, even though it hasn’t been an important motivation, but rather a practival way to work.

Kari Dyrdal, Textile artist/Professor at the institute of fine arts, Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen


anne © merete creates space in their works. Geometrical patterns and strong colors envelop you. You become a part of the work, and the space just continues to grow around you. Geometrical patterns that are not too strict, but rather invites playfulness.

Eli Okkenhaug, chief curator at Bergen Art Museum


It is no wonder that Anne and Merete have marked themselves as two of the country’s most prominent textile artists in a short span of time.

Jan Lauritz Opstad, former director at Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum


The collaboration of Anne and Merete is a method for communication, inspiration, energy, action, duty and responsibility. Collaboration is a chore, a game, play, a dream. A situation where anything can go wrong, but most succeeds.

Bente Sætrang, Textile artist